New Video

I have posted a new video explaining how to pick a lock.  The lock that I used is see through so that you can see the pins moving and how the whole thing works.  Check it out by becoming a member of the Fraternity of Gentlemen!

how to pick a lock

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We are back up/ New Interviews!

With my busy schedule I have finally fixed the issue that I was experiencing.  It turns out my license key expired and I had to patch a new one.  Long story short, we are back up and running.

I have an interview lined up for the near future from a really awesome and qualified individual.

Alex Haddox – Common sense defense for your home

I hope to get this interview up and ready for download within a few weeks!  Stay tuned for the update.


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First off, thank you for helping me out both with your contribution to Skilled Gentlemen Podcast and for your help being my guinea pig.  For the next few months I will be working to fix all of the bugs in this website and need your help finding them.

If you run across anything that looks out of place, different than anything else you see, broken links, incorrect link destinations, or anything else that is concerning please contact me immediately at with the subject of “FOG problem”.  I will work hard to fix these issues.

This is going to be the area that you can find updates to the program.  I will be working hard to make sure that you have a great experiance and get as much for your money as possible.  There will be new content and new discount codes available for you to use and see on an ongoing basis.  So the longer you keep your membership, the more special content that will be available for you to view.

Thank you again.

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