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Fraternity of Gentlemen is a membership program that has many benefits to offer.  You can see what the benefits are by checking out the advertisement page by clicking here.  If you are interested in helping out a podcaster that brings you quality content as often as the “on the air” light is on, you can do so by signing up for the membership.

Not only is the price completely affordable but you can choose how long you stay a member.  Allow me to describe the different prices and time lengths.

  • 1 Year

$30.00 that is reoccurring every year.  Right now there is no lifetime membership program available but this is the closest you can get.  Once you sign up you wont have to do it again, just make sure that you know that your card will get billed every year on your signup anniversary.

  • 1 month- $5.00
  • 3 month- $10.00
  • 6 month- $18.00

Why do you want to join Fraternity of Gentlemen?

To some people, making a podcast is a simple thing to do.  The host will sit down and ramble on for a while and expect someone to enjoy the show.  This is far from what Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is about.  I have spent the past few years working to make sure that the last episode is better and more in depth than the last.  The subjects are not just a random assortment of topics that have nothing to do with the subscribership.  The topics are what men actually want to hear and know more about.  It also takes on average around 3 hours to make a single podcast because of all the meticulous details that I add in to it.  It goes without saying that Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is a labor of love.

Your patronage wont just go toward some great scotch.  Your money will go toward upgrades to both the recording hardware and software, upgrades to the video equipment, website usage, and advertising.

How do I sign up for Fraternity of Gentlemen?

I made this quick video telling you step by step, how to sign up for the program.

I want to thank you for considering this step toward making this podcast successful.  If you have any question about this, please email me at skilledgentlemen@gmail.com.

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