What is Fraternity of Gentlemen

In short, Fraternity of Gentlemen is a way to compensate the host of Skilled Gentlemen Podcast for the efforts that he puts forth.  Thousands of hours goes into the making and producing of SGP and all come from an investment mindset.

“If I invest my time and effort to make a great show, people will want to help compensate me for my efforts”

Some podcasters would simply put together paypal account to accept donations.  SGP is not a charity, it is a business.  So any money that is invested will be returned in the form of some kind of value given.  In other words, you get access to really awesome stuff when you sign up instead of nothing.

What do you get?  Click here to be taken to the benefits page of SGP to review.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any question, please contact me though my email skilledgentlemen at gmail dot com.